flawless hacks 2019

April 27, 2019 @ 2U, Brooklyn NYC

The world's most fabulous hackathon

Registration for 2019 is now closed!
flawless hackers flawless hackers flawless hackers flawless hackers


Every year, for one day only, we get together to focus on projects, mentorship, technology, cotton candy, and self-love! Join us in Brooklyn for the world's only Beyoncé-themed hackathon.


9:30AM - 10:00AM
Doors open + breakfast is served
10:00AM - 11:00AM
Opening ceremony + Keynote speeches
Hacking begins!
Lunch is served
Coffee break with JPMorgan Chase engineers!
Dinner is served
Hacking ends + Presentations begin



Tanya Reilly

"Coding for Humans"

Tanya Reilly is a Principal Software Engineer working on Infrastructure at Squarespace. Before Squarespace she spent 12 years in Site Reliability Engineering at Google. Originally from Ireland, she is now an enthusiastic New Yorker. Tanya likes coding on trains, learning new things, and predicting how systems will break. She blogs here.


Nicole Zhu

"Lean in or lie down? Balancing career development, side projects, and hobbies"

Nicole Zhu is a writer and developer based in New York. She works on Chorus, Vox Media's publishing platform, and co-hosts Sweet and Sour, a podcast about the intersections of Asian American identity with culture, work, and lifestyle.




Intro level

Introduction to GitHub

Let's Git into formation! Come learn how to organize your code and collaborate with other developers using Git + GitHub. Not only is Git one of the most popular developer tools among engineers, but you can track previous versions of your code and flawlessly work with your team members on your project at the same time. If you don't have a GitHub account, please create an account before attending this workshop at www.github.com.

Taught by Ashley Chen




General interest

Designing for Podcasts

Everyone has an idea for a podcast, but what will it look like? In this workshop, we’ll talk about Vox Media's process for creating a visual system for shows, learn why podcasts are so hot rn, and go through an exercise to DYOP. This workshop is recommended for designers and non-designers who love podcasts and/or want to learn how to expand brands into sub-brands.

Taught by Courtney Leonard




Intermediate level

Introduction to Web Audio

Come learn how to create and manipulate sound in your browser! In this workshop, we'll cover the basics of the Web Audio API, a system for controlling audio on the web. You'll leave the workshop with the tools to go play with and create new sounds in your browser with JavaScript. No prior experience with Web Audio will be necessary. All you'll need is a laptop (and headphones if have them)!

Taught by Sharell Bryant




Intermediate level

Introduction to React

Come to this workshop if you're interested in web development, specifically using React, a Javascript UI library, to build a site. We'll build a tiny game in this workshop.

Taught by Joe Versoza




Intermediate level

Intro to Node.js and Express

In this workshop, we'll get you started with Node.js and Express to build a tiny web application that consumes data from the Internet, reformats it, and outputs it into a website. You'll simultaneously learn Node.js and Express, and will leave the workshop with an understanding of how to build the beginnings of a website that goes beyond "hello, world!"

Presented by Microsoft

Taught by Tierney Cyren




General interest

Create your own Tech Zine

(Limit 15-20 people) Create your own zines about software or tech culture. The New York Tech Zine Fair team will introduce the ways in which visual artists, writers, engineers, technologists, illustrators, and designers are using the space of zines and similar DIY creations to examine what we consider to be “technology” and offer a fresh perspective on digital culture. Participants will learn about storytelling with zines and simple binding techniques.

Presented by the New York Tech Zine Fair

Taught by Neta Bomani and Taeyoon Choi


More workshops announced soon!


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flawless hackers flawless hackers flawless hackers flawless hackers

Flawlessly Asked Questions

What if I don't have any coding experience?

Not a problem! We want to help you get started, and we'll have beginner-focused workshops all day just for that. Even if you don't have any coding background, you'll learn and create a project by the end of the night! All you need to bring is a laptop.

How do I register?

Registration for 2019 is at capacity.

How do I get there?

Flawless Hacks will be held at the 2U office at 55 Prospect St, 9th Floor, in downtown Brooklyn.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome, women + nonbinary folks are encouraged! If you are under 18, have your parent or guardian fill out this parental consent form and email it to us.

How much does it cost?

Flawless Hacks is FREE!

Got another question that isn't answered here? Email us!